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BLUES & ROOTS 2019 – II. 1/ Keep It Clean (John CLIFTON, cd In The Middle Of Nowhere; comp. Charley JORDAN) 2/ The Luther Johnson Thing (Peter WARD, cd Train To Key Biscayne) 3/ Change (Mavis STAPLES, cd We Get By; producer, etcetera: Ben HARPER) 4/ I Will Remain (Colin JAMES, cd Miles To Go) 5/ So Unfair (THE HOOCHIES, cd Live! Moulin Blues) 6/ I’m Leaving You Baby (John CLIFTON) 7/ I Saw Your Home (Peter WARD; singer: Michelle ‘Evil Gal’ WILLSON) 8/ Anytime (Mavis STAPLES) 9/ I Need Your Love So Bad (Colin JAMES; comp. Mertis JOHN Jr.) 10/ Cool Spot In Hell (John CLIFTON) 11/ Train To Key Biscayne (Peter WARD; singer: Johnny NICOLAS) 12/ We Get By (Mavis STAPLES) 13/ Soul Of A Man (Colin JAMES; comp. Blind Willie JOHNSON) 14/ So Tired I could Cry (John CLIFTON) 15/ Something Always Slows Me Down (Peter WARD) 16/ Brothers And Sisters (Mavis STAPLES) 17/ See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Colin JAMES, comp.: Blind Lemon JEFFERSON) 18/ Double Trouble (THE HOOCHIES) (30 07 19)

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