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SARA. 1/ River Takes The Town (THE WOOD BROTHERS) 2/ Grace And Harmony (Kerri POWERS) 3/ I Won’t Surrender (Malford MILLIGAN) 4/ Sara (TEITUR) 5/ Jumbo (PUNCH BROTHERS) 6/ Autumn Love (DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE) 7/ Matryoshka (Suzanne JARVIE) 8/ Chesapeake (BETTER OBLIVION COMMUNITY CENTER) 9/ That’d Be Alright (Steve FORBERT) 10/ Cadillac Purple (Andries BOONE) 11/ Southbound (HT ROBERTS & Pascale MICHIELS) 12/ Mercury (Nico MUHLY, Sufjan STEVENS, Bryce DESSNER, James McALISTER) 13/ Death In Midsummer (DEERHUNTER) 14/ It’s Been So Long (Avishai COHEN) 15/ Ain’t Me (PJDS) 16/ Summer Rain (EVERLAST) 17/ Last Lion Of Albion (Neko CASE) 18/ So Long Brother (WILLY WILLY & THE VOODOO BAND) 19/ De God van de Liefde (Lieven TAVERNIER) 20/ Good Old Waltz (REENA RIOT) 21/ Slide (James BAY) (compilation with songs from ‘GREG’, ‘WOOD²’, ‘RIOT²’, ‘SLIP’, ‘SLIDE’, as a companion volume to the ‘WINE’ compilation, which draws from the same and from earlier collections) (30 04 19)

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