Tracklist van ‘FINNRISE’

FINNRISE. 1/ Jingle & Go (Ryan BINGHAM, cd American Love Song) 2/ Old Black Magic (Josh RITTER, cd Fever Breaks) 3/ Friend Better (Joe JACKSON, cd Fool) 4/ Peace Town (Jimmy LaFAVE, cd Peace Town, disc 1) 5/ A Shot Through The Heart (Then Down In Flames) (Finn ANDREWS, cd One Piece At A Time) 6/ Fixture Picture (Aldous HARDING, cd Designer) 7/ Rylan (THE NATIONAL, cd I Am Easy To Find) 8/ Ground Don’t Want Me (Josh RITTER) 9/ It Makes No Difference (Jimmy LaFAVE, cd Peace Town, disc 2) 10/ Stones (Ryan BINGHAM) 11/ Fool (Joe JACKSON) 12/ Designer (Aldous HARDING) 13/ A New Man (Josh RITTER) 14/ Not In Kansas (THE NATIONAL) 15/ The Spirit In The Flame (Finn ANDREWS) 16/ Goodbye Amsterdam (Jimmy LaFAVE, cd Peace Town, disc 2) 17/ Old Friends (Steve EARLE, cd Guy) – ‘FINNRISE’ is a mix of songs from compilations ‘FINN’ (# 3, 5, 15) and ‘RISE’ (# 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17) with a couple of other songs by the same artists in unison with the rest (# 11, 14, 15). That should result in a flamboyant car radio set of tunes… Enjoy! (AL; 11 06 19)

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