Alternatieve versie van ‘JUKE’

JUKE. 1/ Up All Night (THE WAR ON DRUGS, cd A Deeper Understanding) 2/ Darling Shade (THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, cd Whiteout Conditions) 3/ Radio Kids (STRAND OF OAKS, cd Hard Love) 4/ The Hammerhead Bar (THE WATERBOYS, cd Out Of All This Blue, cd 2) 5/ Post-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues (Chuck PROPHET, cd Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins) 6/ Play Money (THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS) 7/ Hard Love (STRAND OF OAKS) 8/ Nocturne (MARK LANEGAN BAND, cd Gargoyle) 9/  Karma Seeker (VANT, cd Dumb Blood)  10/ Comin’ Home (THE MAGPIE SALUTE, cd The Magpie Salute) 11/ Second Sleep (THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS) 12/ The Connemara Fox (THE WATERBOYS, cd Out Of All This Blue, cd 1) 13/ Bad Year For Rock And Roll (Chuck PROPHET) 14/ Filter Me Trough You (THE DREAM SYNDICATE, cd How Did I Find Myself Here) 15/ La Llorona (Mark EITZEL, cd Hey Mr. Ferryman) 16/ Protest Song (BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, cd Hug Of Thunder) 17/ Juke (THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS) 18/ Strangest Thing (THE WAR ON DRUGS)

JUKE’ is a selection of rock oriented tracks released in the course of 2017. It’s a counterweight for the melancholic moods that sometimes drench these compilations. So ‘JUKE’ is a kind of detox, a welcome bath of straightforward power songs, but with a brain. Information on all artists and much more of their music can be found, heard or ordered on the net. We merely pass on what we believe is some of the good stuff. So we feel there’s something there for you too… (AL; 27 12 17)

P.S. The title has nothing to do with the car model by Nissan, nor with a jukebox or a juke joint, but looking for a four letter word, we noticed ‘JUKE’ by The New Pornographers, and as they bring in four songs… It’s as simple as that…


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