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ROCK 2017. 1/ Able (Gavin FRIDAY) 2/ Heaps Of Sheeps (Robert WYATT) 3/ Please Take (WIRE) 4/ Ain’t Got No Money (Frankie MILLER) 5/ Alexander’s Rag Time Band (Ben SIDRAN; trompet: Blue MITCHELL) 6/ Jimmy Would (Chuck E. WEISS) 7/ Old Fangs (BLACK MOUNTAIN) 8/ Shakin’ All Over (SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND) 9/ I Just Got Love (Alan PRICE) 10/ Used (Bryn HAWORTH) 11/ The Car With The Star (Andre WILLIAMS) 12/ Train Wreck (David OLNEY) 13/ Company Underground (Hat FITZ & Cara ROBINSON) 14/ Earthquake (Jeremy SPENCER) 15/ Slip Kid (The Who) 16/ Change In The Weather (John FOGERTY) 17/ Going Down (Colin JAMES) 18/ Post-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues (Chuck PROPHET) 19/ On The Road (Mike ZITO) 20/ Wrecking Ball (Joe WALSH, cd Analog Man) 21/ Liar (THE DELTA SAINTS) – Selection of up tempo songs most of which we have already inserted in compilations. ‘ROCK 2017’ actually had two forerunners, somewhat different in choice and sequence. We feel we finally got it right… more or less. Some of these tunes were taken from old LP’s, which can clearly be heard. Practically all are rocksongs, but some touch on other styles, like blues, folk, world and even singer-songwriting. They all got one thing in common: the intro’s are awesome. This collection might do well in the car radio, or at old fashioned rock parties. (AL; 19 03 17)

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