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LOOKING BACK XIV. 1/ Waiting On The World To Change (John MAYER, cd Continuum) 2/ Draw Of The Cards (Kim CARNES, cd Essential) 3/ Hard On The Levee (Frankie MILLER, cd …That’s Who! The Complete Chrysalis Records (1973-1980), Disc 2) 4/ Riding With The King (John HIATT, cd Riding With The King) 5/ Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl (Boz SCAGGS, cd Memphis) 6/ Death With Dignity (Sufjan STEVENS, cd Carrie & Lowell) 7/ Qu’allons nous faire? (RED MOON ROAD, cd Red Moon Road) 8/ Brother Is Gone (Ry COODER, cd Election Special) 9/ Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 (John MAYER, cd Born & Raised) 10/ Hugo’s Big Reel (SOLAS, cd The Turning Tide) 11/ Amerigo (Patti SMITH, cd Banga) 12/ Love Like Blood (John HIATT) 13/ Not Cause I Wanted To (Bonnie RAITT, cd Slipstream) 14/ Corinna, Corinna (Boz SCAGGS) 15/ Should Have Known Better (Sufjan STEVENS) 16/ Gravity (John MAYER, cd Continuum) 17/ A Girl In The War (SOLAS) 18/ Drunken Nights In The City (Frankie MILLER) 19/ How (Regina SPEKTOR, cd What We Saw From The Cheap Seats) 20/ The Last Toast (Iris DeMENT, cd The Trackless Woods) (AL; 29 03 17)

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