Steve POSTEL, Time Still Knockin’: Engelse vertaling van een cd bespreking voor Rootstown Magazine…

Op vraag van Steve Postel…


Steve POSTELL / Time Still Knocking / Emmergent Records 281146-2 ( ; )

It’s possible to make a record with a little help from your friends. Those friends can -why not?- bear names like Paul Barrere, David Crosby, Debra Dobkin, Daniel Mark Epstein, Buzz Feiten, Steve Ferrone, Robben Ford, Freebo, Alphonso Johnson, John Jones, Dan ‘Lowen &‘ Navarro, John ’Hall &’ Oates, Jeff Pevar, Leland Sklar, Benmont Tench, Waddy Wachtel, Jennifer Warnes, Kip Winger, Peter & Michelle Wolf, T-Bone Wolk and assorted acquaintances. I can already see the amateur mouth-watering while reading these names. Even if you succeed in housing all of these artists on one CD, then you would have to be a big shot yourself, or else you couldn’t even dream of mustering such a list… Well, the listed names all play a part on Time Still Knocking, be it as a (co-)songwriter or guest musician, a record by the world famous singer, guitar player, producer and tunesmith (drum rolls!) Steve Postell, a somewhat extended version of a kind turn, it seems. If you visit the site of the man, you will be able to appreciate the avalanch of top musicians Postel plays and records with. And this beat simply goes on in his résumé. There used to be a time when he lived and played in New York, but recently he moved to Los Angeles, which seems to suit him well. Postell may not be a household name over here, but he was a member of the legendary Pure Prairie League (and later on of Little Blue, a band a small circle of connoisseurs admire) The summing-up of all his contributions in all four fields we mentioned reads like the history of recent American music, and in a broad sense. But that would of course mean next to nothing if Time Still Knocking itself would be a disappointment. Well, you can rest assured: at present the CD simply doesn’t leave our CD-player, despite the current wealth of good records like the ones by Steve Noonan, Russ Brown and Paul Lippert. The CD abounds with classic rocksongs of excellent quality with brilliant guitar playing: Robben Ford, who else, but of course also Postell himself, Buzz Feiten and Jeff Pevar, the one who helped make Peter Galway’s Freedom Is such a fine trip. Add to this blood-chilling harmonies and an immaculate production. The sound colours are often so breathtaking that it threatens to become to much for our poor ears, without having the feeling that it is overproduced (Never Been To Memphis is the only track that goes a little over the top, for our taste) You might call it glossy, but then in the best sense of the word. Literally every single song out of the basket of thirteen begs for your attention. This makes it hard to choose a favourite one. Still, we have a craving for the better Ford playing on 3:45 Coming Through, the incisive Background Noise with its heavenly vocals, the poignant Change In the Circle. Straight For The Moon may sound like AOR or FM rock, but John Oates helps making it a memorable tune, just what Feiten does with Believe In You. If you think of The Eagles when hearing Long Way Home, then consider that Michelle Wolf sang with the Californians. The extraordinary sax solo in that song is courtesy of Dave Koz, who has often been called ’The Second Coming of David Sanborn’! And why doesn’t Paul Barrere write a barn song like Missing You for Little Feat anymore?! The title track that closes up the CD grabs you by the throat… Cognac, cigars and the whole lot, and deservedly so!

Antoine Légat (18/02/09 for Rootstown Magazine; this translation October 31st 2016)

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