50 years of Banana Peel Blues Club Ruiselede…

Toen Banana Peel Blues Club Ruiselede 40 jaar bestond gaf men een boek uit over ’40 Jaar Banana Peel’ met prachtige foto’s en stukken over de bluesartiesten die er passeerden. Ik mocht toen een gedichtje of zoiets schrijven over ‘blues’, een hele eer, vind ik. Nu tien jaar later, bestaat de club toch wel exact 50 jaar zeker!? Eerste optreden was op 10 oktober 1966! Dat werd zondag en maandag gevierd, zondag voor de medewerkers en nauwe verwanten (zeer knap concert van pianist Didier De Ruyter en broer Frank op saxen, en met zangeres Tessa Devreese), maandag voor het trouwe publiek, dat een heuse meeting voorgeschoteld kreeg met Roland (eerste optreden hier begin 1968!), Steven de Bruyn, Rony Verbiest en Derek. Een heerlijke avond, hoeft het gezegd?
Awel hé, naar aanleiding daarvan heb ik het stukje tekst nog eens herwerkt en in het Engels gesteld. Geen grote ambities (dus bluesfanaten, hold your horses met correcties en aanvullingen, daar draait het hier niet om), enkel een hommage aan de blues en Banana Peel in de vorm van een sfeerschepping…



Banana Peel. What’s in a name?



The blues.

I’ve had the blues so many times.
So blue, so black, so blatant.
I got it from you, my brother,
From you, my lover,
From you all and all of you.
All the pain in the universe:
I got it for free
And for nothing.


But I knew I was not alone.
You had it too.
You got it from me,
And from the hardships of life,
For no good reason, it was
Just in the draw of the cards.
We suffered and moaned under her reign,
As we did not know how.
How to sing her out of our bodies,
We didn’t know how to dance.


Meanwhile, back in the New World…
The gospel, that cry for freedom,
Way out for earthly misery.
Hallelujah in Beulah Land,
Amazing Grace, Oh Happy Day.
Worksongs on the plantations,
Where the whip accompanied the sweat,
Where you, black man,
Still bearing your master’s name,
Or even free to enjoy poverty,
gathered the salt of the earth.


The Delta, Charley Patton, Son House,
McKinley ‘Muddy Waters’ Morganfield.
But also: the blind old man
Sitting on the front porch
With his ramshackle guitar,
A myriad of grandchildren playing around,
The men of genius: Sleepy John Estes,
Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell,
Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Johnson,
Tampa Red, Skip James, Reverend Gary Davis.
The women: Ma Rainey, Memphis Minnie, Bessie Smith.


Because black man knew how to dance,
Celebrating the rhythm of Mama Africa
Until it became the devil’s music.
All the rest was picked up along the road:
The tools of the Handyman
And the best of all cultures,
The immigrants working that fertile soil
Where folk, country, bluegrass
And cajun came to be,
In that wondrous clash
Of peoples seeking the Promised Land,
Reaching for and dreaming of
The Land of the Free.


Mississippi crossroads
and Stormy Mondays in Texas.
North Carolina and the Piedmont blues.
The melting pots,
New Orleans, Crescent City,
The House of the Rising Sun.
Sweet Home Chicago, Windy City,
Cradles of what one day would become
Jazz and soul, and rhythm & blues,
and rap and hip hop.
And classic blues,
The magical mojo of mannish boys,
When the Kings were truely king.


And then…
From the Mississippi mud,
From Congo Square in Nola,
Walking down Beale Street,
From the open-air market on Maxwell Street,
From deep in the heart of Texas

To deep in the heart of flanders,
In tranquil Ruiselede.
Of all places.
Because the blues is everyone’s,
It is for everyone and eventually
By everyone.
Roland, Willy, Marino, Norbert, Steven, Andy…


At night, when it’s even more quiet over here,
You can hear gusts of voices
Coming through the slits and the cracks
of this patched up barn,
in the stillness of this forlorn village:
Mojo Buford, Eddie Clearwater, Luther Allison,
Carey & Lurrie Bell, Sherman Robertson,
Kenny Neal, Robert Cray…
And so many more.


Thank you, black brother,
Diamond in the rough.
Thank you too, Banana Peel.
Still got the blues… Over you.



Antoine Légat (Oct. 16th/17th 2016)


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