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SHOW (‘The Letter’ Version). 1/ Dresden (THE SLOW SHOW, cd White Water) 2/ Rescue Me (Amy HELM, cd Didn’t It Rain) 3/ What Part Of Me (LOW, cd Ones And Sixes) 4/ Belly Of The Whale (Guy GARVEY, cd Courting The Squall) 5/ Bring It On Home (Tom JONES, cd Long Lost Suitcase) 6/ Love And Rain (Jeff LYNNE’S ELO, cd Alone In The Universe) 7/ Everybody Wants (HALF MOON RUN, cd Sun Leads Me On) 8/ How He Entered (TINDERSTICKS, cd The Waiting Room) 9/ Gypsy In Me (Bonnie RAITT, cd Dig In Deep) 10/ Beckon (SUE THE NIGHT, cd Mosaic) 11/ Now I Know (THE ZOMBIES, cd Still Got That Hunger) 12/ Set The Rules (MARBLE SOUNDS, cd Tautou) 13/ Midnight Meet The Rain (DESTROYER, cd Poison Season) 14/ Ravel Ravel (ECHO BEATTY, cd Nonetheless) 15/ Brace For Impact (Live A Little) (Sturgill SIMPSON, cd A Sailor’s Guide To Earth) 16/ Winter Bones (THE RHYTHM JUNKS, cd It Takes A While) 17/ An Offering (Amanda PEARCY, cd An Offering) 18/ Howling Wolf (BIEZEN, cd The Birds Return) 19/ The Letter (Natalie MERCHANT, cd Paradise Is There) OR Estrella Goodbye (BIRDS OF CHICAGO, cd Real Midnight) – ‘SHOW’ is a selection out of what we put on our 2016 compilations with exclusively recent material, up until ‘STAR’. The songs of ‘SHOW’ (title explained!) come from the CD’s ‘BONE’, ‘TRUE’, ‘BELL’, ‘SONG(S)’ and ‘ECHO’. Nothing from ‘LOST’ as this is a collection out of the ordinary (with older and newer songs mixed) There is no overlapping whatsoever with the other compilation drawn from exactly the same CD’s (plus ‘STAR’ en ‘FREE’, that is), ‘BLUES & ROOTS 2016–I’, as this focuses on other kinds of music, except for the ‘Estrella’ version of the CD: ‘Estrella Goodbye’ is also on the blues sampler as # 19.

All further information can be found @ Please enjoy the ‘SHOW’! (AL; July 14th 2016)


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