Commentaren bij ‘BLUES & ROOTS 2016 – I’

BLUES & ROOTS 2016 – I. 1/ True True Love (Jack HUSTINX & SOUTHERN ACES, cd Over Yonder) 2/ ‘til My Back Ain’t Got No Bone (Tom JONES, cd Long Lost Suitcase) 3/ Didn’t It Rain (Amy HELM, cd Didn’t It Rain) 4/ Tears Of Fire (REVEREND FREAKCHILD) 5/ The Avenue (Jason VIVONE & THE BILLY BATS, cd The Avenue) 6/ Mind Of Her Own (HIDDEN AGENDA DELUXE, cd Pan Alley Fever) 7/ Estrella Goodbye (BIRDS OF CHICAGO, cd Real Midnight) 8/ Crawlin’ Up To The Surface (Jack HUSTINX & SOUTHERN ACES) 9/ Everybody Loves A Train (Tom JONES) 10/ Soul Transforming Realization (REVEREND FREAKCHILD) 11/ Gypsy In Me (Bonnie RAITT, cd Dig In Deep) 12/ Laugh About It (TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, cd Let Me Get By) 13/ Mighty River (MISSISSIPPI BIGFOOT, cd Population Unknown) 14/ Don’t Forget To Leave (HIDDEN AGENDA DELUXE) 15/ Walkin’ Waste Of Time (Jack HUSTINX & SOUTHERN ACES) 16/ All I Got Is Now (REVEREND FREAKCHILD, cd Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues) 17/ My Heart Is In The Right Place (Jason VIVONE & THE BILLY BATS, cd The Avenue) 18/ Real Midnight (BIRDS OF CHICAGO) – This collection of blues(y) and roots songs from 2015 and the start of 2016 stem from the musically broader compilations we issued during the first half of 2016. There were many more roots tracks on these collections, but we had to keep this within the length of one CD. We dropped the generally known records (like the one by Bonnie Raitt, with here only one song include, though it’s a great record) and concentrated on artists that don’t have that kind of exposure, like the Dutch bands Jack Hustinx & Southern Aces and Hidden Agenda Deluxe, or bands just starting out like Mississippi Bigfoot. There are also some surprises, like Tom Jones, known for wholly different styles of music. We could have filled this with groovy music like # 3, 7, 11 or 13, but we chose to keep it as wide as possible, so you can find gospel inspired sounds (#18 by Birds Of Chicago) or more experimental approaches like #10. But for the most this is good time music… Nothing wrong with that! The compilations we excerped are in chronologic order: ‘BONE (alternative version)’, ‘TRUE’ (that produced the bulk of the material here), ‘SONGS’, ‘ECHO’, ‘STAR’ and ‘FREE’. Full track lists and lengthy comments (mostly in Dutch) can be found at . We plan a second volume by the end of 2016. We hope this selection will satisfy our roots music loving friends… (AL; 01 07 16)

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