Commentaren bij ‘BLUES 2015 I, II & III’

BLUES 2015 – I. 1/ Dark Shuffle (BLUE RIBBON, cd Let It Roll) 2/ Blues Stop Knockin’ (Mark HUMMEL, cd The Hustle Is Really On) 3/ Soldier Of Misfortune (Billy THOMPSON, cd Friend) 4/ Under The Influence (Fred CHAPELLIER, cd Electric Communion CD 2: Studio) 5/ Two Sides (Kenny ‘BLUES BOSS’ WAYNE, cd Rollin’ With The Blues Boss; met Eric BIBB) 6/ Frog’s Hair (BIG JOE SHELTON, cd I’d Never Let Her Down) 7/ Crazy Legs (Mark HUMMEL) 8/ Farmer Kenny (Billy THOMPSON) 9/ Bring It On Home (BLUE RIBBON; comp. Willie Dixon) 10/ Who Loves You (CHRIS DUARTE GROUP, cd Lucky 13) 11/ Big Time (Alex SCHULTZ, cd Think About, 2003, via verzamelaar Stormy Monday Records N° 6) 12/ Blueskelele (DE FERRE TRIO, cd Twelve Shades Of) 13/ Sir Henry (Matej PTASZEK & DOBRÉ RANO BLUES BAND, cd ERSTVERÖFFENTLICHUNG in Deutschland) 14/ Ain’t But One (Billy THOMPSON; homage to Jimi HENDRIX) 15/ Gee I Wish (Mark HUMMEL) 16/ I Got The Same Old Blues (BLUE RIBBON, comp. J.J. CALE) 17/ Slow Down (Kenny ‘BLUES BOSS’ WAYNE) 18/  Got To Be Did (Billy THOMPSON) 19/ Blues For Roy (Fred CHAPELLIER, cd Electric Communion CD 1: Live; homage to Roy = Roy BUCHANAN) – A few comments! These tracks stem from 2013 and 2014 (one is even from 2003, but comes from a more recent sampler), but I assembled them from CD’s that I reviewed in the course of last year and at the very start of 2015. You can find more information about the bands and the records on the net (telling you in case you lived on Mars this past decade) The bands have in common that they’re manned (and womaned) with experienced people and the songs tend to be smoothly going though we (of course!!!) avoided bad blues (at least we tried) You’ll find a couple of surprises here (# 12 and 13, but, ssst, you don’t have that from us) Well, it got to be did… Enjoy, bro and sis! (AL 17 02 15)

BLUES 2015 II. 1/ I Am The Train (IAN SIEGAL, cd One Night In Amsterdam) 2/ Carried By Six (GUY FORSYTH BAND, cd The Pleaser) 3/ Genuine Southern Hospitality (Victor WAINWRIGHT & THE WILD ROOTS, cd ‘Boom Town’) 4/ Hornet’s Nest (Joe Louis WALKER, cd Hornet’s Nest) 5/ Angry Man (CHRIS DUARTE GROUP, cd Lucky 13) 6/ What’s The Matter With The Mill (JEFF JENSEN & THE MOROSE ELEPHANT BAND, cd Morose Elephant) 7/ Walk With The Devil (TINY LEGS TIM, cd Stepping Up) 8/ Good Stuff (GUY FORSYTH BAND) 9/ If It Ain’t Got Soul – Part 1 (Victor WAINWRIGHT & THE WILD ROOTS, cd ‘Boom Town’) 10/ I’m Gonna Walk Outside (Joe Louis WALKER) 11/ Boogie Man (ED & THE GATORS, cd Rock With Ed & The Gators) 12/ Here I Come (CHRIS DUARTE GROUP) 13/ Son Of A Travelin’ Man (Wink BURCHAM, cd Cowboy Heroes And Old Folk Songs) 14/ Time To Move (GUY FORSYTH BAND) 15/ As The Sun Goes Down (Joe Louis WALKER) 16/ When The Day Is Done (Victor WAINWRIGHT & THE WILD ROOTS) 17/ How Can A Poor Boy (Van MORRISON with TAJ MAHAL, cd Duets) – The second volume of some fine moments connected to the blues experience include records from 2014 and 2015, just like on volume I. Some Belgian stuff here (# 7 / 11) Most bands are well known and all of them can be found on the net, for further information. Wink Burcham is the odd one out here, but we think you’ll like him… Now for the rest of this collection! (AL; 31 07 15)

BLUES 2015 III. 1/ Forty Days And Forty Nights (‘MUDDY WATERS 100’ = John PRIMER & BAND + GUESTS; feat. Gary CLARK Jr., guitar) 2/ Black Hannah (Kern PRATT III, cd Broken Chains) 3/ Slender Man Blues (BILLY THE KID & THE REGULATORS, cd I Can’t Change) 4/ Got Them Blues (David Michael MILLER, cd Same Soil) 5/ Rosalie (‘MUDDY WATERS 100’; feat. Steve GIBBONS, fiddle) 6/ Come On In My Kitchen (DALANNAH & OWEN, cd Been Around A While; comp. Robert JOHNSON) 7/ Money’s All Gone (BABAJACK, cd BabaJack Live – Summer 2015) 8/ Greenville, Mississippi Blues (Kern PRATT III) 9/ She Moves Me (‘MUDDY WATERS 100’; feat. Matthew SKOLLER, harmonica) 10/ Ain’t Gotta Prove Nothing (BILLY THE KID & THE REGULATORS) 11/ Walkin’ Blues (Sonny LANDRETH, cd Bound By The Blues) 12/ Still A Fool (‘MUDDY WATERS 100’, cd Muddy Waters 100; feat. Derek TRUCKS, slide guitar) 13/ Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home (Kern PRATT III; comp. Albert COLLINS) 14/ All The Blues To You (David Michael MILLER) 15/ Last Time I Fool Around With You (‘MUDDY WATERS 100’; feat. KEB’ MO’, slide guitar) 16/ That Darn Cat (BILLY THE KID & THE REGULATORS) 17/ Somewhere South Of Memphis (Kern PRATT III) 18/ Feel Like Going Home (‘MUDDY WATERS 100’; lead John PRIMER)– Compiled from recent blues-and-beyond CD’s, with a few extra tracks from the briljant ‘Muddy Waters 100’ all star tribute… A CD every blues fan should have! (AL; 21 10 15)

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