Some swell blues records in 2009: Ian Siegal, Fried Bourbon and Freddy King topping a long list


Some swell blues records in 2009!


Blues CD Of The Year: Broadside (Ian SIEGAL)

Runner-up Records: DETROIT REBELLION

                               Already Free (Derek TRUCKS BAND)

Belgian Blues Record Of The Year: Deep Fried (FRIED BOURBON)

Collection Of The Year: Taking Care Of Business (1956-1973) (Freddie KING; 7 CD’s + book)


Two-Man Blues Army (Gwyn ASHTON)

Bangtown (Big John BATES)

Performing This Week – Live At Ronnie Scott’s (Jeff BECK; 2008)

The Ballad Of John Henry (Joe BONAMASSA)

Live At The Silver Dollar Room (Curley BRIDGES)

Iron Man (Michael BURKS; 2008)


Twisted (Rick ESTRIN And The NIGHTCATS)

Piano Killers (Fabrice EULRY – Ricky NYE – Renaud PATIGNY)



Smooth But Deadly (Pamela G)

Different Views (David GOGO)

Absolutely Live! (Lisa HALEY & The ZYDEKATS)

Black & White (James HARMAN BAND)

If All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail (HARMONICA SHAH)

Day By Day (HARPER)


For Rosa, Maeve And Noreen (Samuel JAMES)

Getting’ Real (Andrew Jr. Boy JONES)

Gully (Rob JUNGKLAS; 2008: what a performance at Duvel Blues!)

One Dog Barkin’ (Harrison KENNEDY)

Lost Time Blues (Jake LEAR)

In It For The Ride (Tim LOTHAR PETERSEN; 2008: great job at Duvel Blues!)

Dearest Darlin’ (Jenni MULDAUR)

Let The Four Winds Blow (Martijn SCHOK BOOGIE & BLUES BAND; 2008)

I Started Out With Nothin’ And Still Got Most Of It Left (2008) + Man From Another Time (SEASICK STEVE)

Broadside (Ian SIEGAL)

Live 605 Boogie (Gene TAYLOR)

Already Free (Derek TRUCKS BAND)

Come On Swingin’ (The TWISTERS)

Escape From The Chicken Coop (WATERMELON SLIM)


PS We don’t know if we can classify some CD’s as being ‘blues’. But the following are simply great records: Dave ALVIN And The GUILTY WOMEN, Bittersweet Batch (Jesse DEE), Outskirt (Daniel NORGREN) …


Haven’t heard yet: Fire And Iron (BINTANGS), Blues For A Cure (Sean CARNEY’s BLUES CURE), This Time (Robert CRAY BAND), For Madmen Only (Michael DE JONG), Blind For Love (Ana POPOVIC), Stomp! The Blues Tonight (Duke ROBILLARD), Heads, Tails And Aces (Matt SCHOFIELD), Birthday Bash (Hans THEESSINK & vele gasten), The Bright Mississippi (Allen TOUSSAINT)


(05 01 10)

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