De Centrale in Gent Friday December 18th 2009.


If no further information is provided on the origin of the song or the performers, that means you’ll find it in the earlier playlists!


Part I.

Prelude: Brendan explains the importance of Bukka White to Kevin Coyne, but then plays Warm And Tender Love, a Percy Sledge song. Brendan introduces the concert with Open Up The Gates.

1/ Blame It On The Night

2/ Poor Little Actress

3/ River Of Sin

4/ Jackie And Edna

5/ House On The Hill

6/ I Confess

7/ Day To Day (LP Bursting Bubbles – 1980; Eugene)

8/ Let Love Reside  (LP Pointing The Finger – 1981; Eugene)

9/ Monkeyheart

10/ Eastbourne Ladies


Part II. (Like at the three earlier concerts, the beginning of Part II is a kind of acoustic set)

1/ I Want To See You Smile

2/ Children’s Crusade

3/ God Watches

4/ Are You Deceiving Me? (LP Babble – Songs For Lonely Lovers – 1979; Amy)

5/ The Einstein Song

6/ Terpentijn

7/ Zonderling

8/ Sugar Candy Taxi

9/ Having A Party

10/ We Want Our Crown

11/ Saviour

Encore: 1/ Marlene

2/ Prachtig Park

3/ A Loving hand

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