KEVIN COYNE TRIBUTE: playlist CC De Steenoven – Herzele

Who’s playing what with whom and from which album: see earlier items on this blog!

CC De Steenoven at Herzele Thursday December 17th 2009.


Part I. Jon Langford still lost between Zaventem and Gent…


Brendan explains the importance for Kevin Coyne of Elvis Presley, Hank Williams and English comedian Frank Randle , all for a better understanding of the artist. He plays The Lost Highway by Hank Williams, followed by Open Up The Gates.

1/ Poor Little Actress

2/ River Of Sin

3/ Jackie And Edna

4/ House On The Hill

5/ I Confess (From Babble – 1979; Eugene Coyne)

6/ Zonderling

7/ We Want Our Crown


Part II. Jon Langford finally turns up from Wales!


Brendan goes into the Frank Randle case and his strange habit of fettling.

Brendan let people sing in I Know Who You Are.

1/ I Only Want To See You Smile

2/ Chidren’s Crusade

3/ God Watches

4/ The Einstein Song

5/ Monkeyheart

6/ Terpentijn

7/ Prachtig Park

8/ Sugar Candy Taxi

9/ Having A Party

10/ Eastbourne Ladies

11/ Saviour

Bis: 1/ Marlene (Brendan en allen)

2/ A Loving Hand (From Sanity Stomp – 1980; Eugene)

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