Zo is het ook over de zee te begrijpen…


Kieran FAHY / Man From The West / ARC Music EUCD 2081. (original Dutch review to be found on www.folkroddels.be )


Some time ago Man From The West, a new solo CD by Kieran Fahy, was released in the series Irish Fiddle of the British ARC Music. We do not at all consider ourselves as connoisseurs of this highly specialised genre (each region in Ireland has its own typical style of playing, and its own heroes), but it would be a pity if this interesting CD wasn’t reviewed at all.  Partly the silence can be explained by the choice of the label, very active on the field of ,,world music’’, but not yet with the same prestigious ring as Putumayo or Rough Guide, despite the fact that ARC actually releases a number of very deserving records in different musical forms. Besides the Irish series of CD’s we advise the fado series where you can find, amongst others, the novo fado CD Rosa Negra by Fado Ladino (which we reviewed elsewhere)

There’s also the question if Irish musicians abroad can retain the attention of an island that’s crammed with top musicians. But actually a lot of typically ,,Irish’’ music is made outside the green island by Irish and non-Irish alike. We think of the great German band Cara. Then one can put Kieran Fahy to the fore. After all he is partly ,,Belgian’’. He’s from Tuam, Co. Galway, but moved to Belgium in ’83 and obviously still lives here. Fahy is mainly known from his collaboration with Pat Kilbride (’84-’90) A number of records made for ARC after that period led to the formation of Shantalla. In ’96 came his solo record before last, The Woman From Tuam, dedicated to his mother Nellie, and…there was Shantalla (’99), the CD that put the band on the world’s musical map. He was an active part of this success story until ’05. Since then he participated to a number of projects, like the band Valerio with Serge Desaunay. Man From The West is in turn dedicated to his father John, but this record came about by coincidence, almost a lucky strike, Kieran stresses. As usual ARC offers ample space in the liner notes for compact but precise biographical and musical data in English, German, French and Spanish about the jigs, slip jigs, airs, polkas, waltzes, barn dances, reels, hornpipes, mazurkas and slides, that typify this music. We can’t discuss the stylistic approach expertly. But the list of collaborators says it all. We find Philip Masure (guitar), Siard De Jong (mandoline, low whistle; he was also member of the trio with Pat), Helen Flaherty (bodhran), Dave Munnelly (accordeon). In the meantime Fahy has put up a project with Luc Pilartz (hat and violin) and Bernard Zonderman (theorbe = bass luthe), both here present also. Fahy, master of slow airs, indeed excels in the calmer tunes like the succulent Utpick Waltz. Funny is Mulqueeneys, the jig version of a hornpipe with only the bodhran (Patrick Michiels), while Kieran sings the typical scats which are called lilting. As the front man knows what he’s doing, Man From The West can be called a hell of a lucky strike! (Antoine Légat; July 22nd 2007; this translation August 8th 2007)

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