Zomaar een songtekst…Niets speciaals!





When I met you first

My ancient world crumbled

You quenched my every thirst

And I felt so full and humble.

You had me with your smile

You had me in your spell

I felt so happy all the while

Perfect as far as I could tell.


Just one more mile

Just ‘round the bend

Just along the aisle (,,aail’’)

The pot of gold was meant

For us to endlessly share:

We had a life to live

Felt the need to care

A lot of love to give


     It was almost forever

     Almost forever

     We practically were there

     We just couldn’t care

     ‘Cause it seemed like forever

     Forever together.


And then out of the blue

You told me fair and square

That you couldn’t go through

The story ended there.

You said you needed time

Air to breathe, more space

We couldn’t make it rhyme

We just fell from grace.


     It was almost forever

     Almost forever

     We nearly got it made

     We nearly made (passed) the grade

     ‘Cause it looked like forever

     Forever together


A few letters, crumbled dreams,

An empty flask of champagne,

A stack of fading memories,

That’s all of love’s remains.

And here comes the flood,

The regrets for wasted years.

I loved you more than blood.

All that’s left are tears, tears, tears.

(mei 2005)

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